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Dropped Frames

These won't be the point-the-camera-at-your-face-and-rant type of blogs. They will be short films that I've made or clips from longer ones, some experimental stuff and maybe even some converted super8 stuff if I can get it transfered (talk about archive, some of this stuff is 39 years old!).

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bunnies in a Cup

Click here to see the video

Well I was in NYC shooting a film for Booklinks a publishing services company that I work for. Booklinks does work for various large publishing houses that do text books, especially bilingual and ELL text books. It was a hectic week; we had a limited time to shoot the film which although it isn't very long, was pretty involved. There was an animation segment, a live action segment with professional actors and a live action segmant with the staff of Booklinks. It was written by Steve Zimmerman and directed by Gerard Damiano with animation by Ruth Schwartz. I was the DP.

This is the first clip I can show. It's a shot from the middle of the animation scene where the bunnies come out of a coffee cup. Basically the film shows a day in the life of Booklinks. A large publishing house has to come up with a math book for K-5 that is aimed at ELL (English Language Learners) students. It has to be level apropriate, and in Spanish. Eventually they decide to contract Booklinks to do the project. The animation segment comes when one of the Booklinks employees comes up with the idea of an adition and subtraction song for kids that involves piggies and bunnies. To her astonishment, the objects on her desk then come to life and act out the song as she sings. This clip is a very short piece that shows the bunnies first appearing. It does not yet have a sound track. I'll post the complete scene once it is ready.

This is a video iPod friendly file.


At 4:08 PM CDT, Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

interesting blog.. i am sending this link to director friend of mine from wonderland ;)

best of luck in whatever u do

At 4:20 PM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work! I can see you gaining Nick Parkes status in not long!

At 4:30 PM CDT, Blogger Chemical Imbalance said...

I liked the bunnies man.

At 2:14 PM CDT, Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Thanks people. The animation was done by Ruth Schwartz who worked for years as an animator and then teacher of animation. I was the cameraguy on this one. I hope to be able to put up some of my animations soon though.


At 12:19 AM CDT, Anonymous Davo said...

Good to know that there are people in Mexico doing this kind of thing. I’m from Oaxaca (Puerto Escondido. Well actually close to there, La Barra de Colotepec) but I’m in Australia right now and since I feel far away it is nice to see this kind of thing. It would be to see some day-to-day stuff from Chiapas. Markets and shitt. Not to say that you shouldn’t make your movies or shorts but it would be nice. K dude, Cuidate man y sigue haciendo lo que haces. Adios.

At 8:34 AM CDT, Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Thanks Davo,

You should check out my other vlog A Gringo In Mexico (agringoinmexico.blogspot.com). It will have more day to day stuff about Mexico and my family.


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