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Dropped Frames

These won't be the point-the-camera-at-your-face-and-rant type of blogs. They will be short films that I've made or clips from longer ones, some experimental stuff and maybe even some converted super8 stuff if I can get it transfered (talk about archive, some of this stuff is 39 years old!).

Saturday, September 10, 2005

How Copyright Laws Will Make Me Rich

Click here to see the video

Recent posts on the videoblogging group on Yahoo have attacked the copyright laws as unreasonable and restricting. Many vloggers have been whining about how they cannot film things because of background music, logos, corporate buildings, etc. Stop whining and start using the laws to your own benefit!


At 9:21 PM CDT, Blogger Gena said...

Laddie, are you using that new fangled QT 7.02? I can see the title and the end credit but the middle is total black and silent.

Then again, it might be the result of the generousity of the music industry.

At 10:33 PM CDT, Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Totally black and silent. The only thing you could film without fear of reprisal. Until now. I've copyrighted it.

I did this as a joke (a bad one I admit), but then Mike Hudack from blip TV sent me a comment about someone who was sued for using silence on his record and lost! Here's the link:


At 1:42 PM CDT, Anonymous Juan said...

Jajajaja.. Great sarcastic vlog!
Loved it!
And the credits at the end... AWESOME!!!!

I just read the article about the "silence copyright". Interesting. Did he get into trouble by puttin "Cage" as the author? What would have happened if he had put his complete name? Do you think he would have gotten into trouble?

I wonder: I use a lot of music in my vlogs, I give the particular artist a visual credit at the end, and in the post. I hope not no get into trouble in the future. If you have time, check on of my videos and let me know what you think. Bye.


At 2:02 PM CDT, Blogger Jack Nelson said...

I think if he had just called it "silence" and left off Cage's name he'd have been OK. Linking it to Cage means he knew what he was doing and opened the door for the copyright people to say it was a performance.

Technically using music, whether you give credit or not is a violation. In practical terms there are hundreds (soon to be thousands) of vlogs that are using music. As long as the blogs are not comercial I can't imagine the copyright holders going after the vloggers.

I'm a subscriber to your vlog. I love your videos. You and Ximena are naturals. You'll notice on my videos I'm not on camera much. I'm more comfortable filming, but you guys are great.


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