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Dropped Frames

These won't be the point-the-camera-at-your-face-and-rant type of blogs. They will be short films that I've made or clips from longer ones, some experimental stuff and maybe even some converted super8 stuff if I can get it transfered (talk about archive, some of this stuff is 39 years old!).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day

Watch the video
This is a video of our Father's Day trip to El Chiflon waterfalls in Chiapas, near Comitan. We spent the day swimming (actually trying to not get knocked over by the current), picnicking and hiking up to the larger falls above the swimming area. We saw lots of lizards, butterflies and even a small bird that had fallen from it's nest. The falls are spectacular. We went up to the last lookout, just below the falls, although I had to leave my camera with someone below because the spray from the falls would have ruined it. At the last lookout you are just below the falls on a smal rock outcrop. The spray from the waterfalls comes up at you from below. The wind from the falls was strong (this is the highest I've seen the water level there) and standing on top of this rock below the falls with the sun directly above we had a rainbow below us in a perfect 360 circle. Next time I'm bringing a protective cover for my camera so I can film that. It was a great Father's day.


At 1:00 PM CDT, Blogger JuanFalla said...

What a beautiful place Jack! The waterfull is beautiful!!!! And HUGE!!!!

At 1:31 PM CDT, Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Yeah, it's a great place. I first went there almost 10 years ago before it was developed. You had to park a mile away, then duck under a barbed wire fence, creep behind the bulls and cows, then inch your way along a small cliff that edged the river. They developed it two or three years ago and when I first heard it I thought "Oh no, they'll ruin it". But actually, they did a pretty good job. It's safer, has some services (snack bars at the entrance but NOT along the river and three restrooms spaced out along about a kilometer along the river). There are even a few cabins that you can stay in (you can hear my daughetr Angie saying she wants to sleep in them as we pass one of them). All in all it's a better place than the much more famous Agua Azul, which although it is much bigger has been ruined by too much turismo.

Thanks for watching and comenting.

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At 12:32 AM CST, Blogger 今天 said...

blog is great~~祝你人氣高高~........................................


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