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Dropped Frames

These won't be the point-the-camera-at-your-face-and-rant type of blogs. They will be short films that I've made or clips from longer ones, some experimental stuff and maybe even some converted super8 stuff if I can get it transfered (talk about archive, some of this stuff is 39 years old!).

Sunday, March 05, 2006


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We went down to see the Carnaval celebration in Ocozocoatla last Sunday. It's a spectacular parade with lots of very colorful costumes, music and pandamonium. A local custom is that the onlookers and the parade participants throw flour and talc powder at each other and spray foam at everone. You can see the foam and flour in the air in a lot of this video. It's a pretty wild time; very festive and just this side of chaos. Very Mexican. Hope you enjoy.


At 1:51 PM CST, Blogger GUAGUAU said...


At 12:10 AM CST, Blogger Jack Nelson said...

de nada

At 11:34 PM CST, Blogger JuanFalla said...

Great footage!!!!! Looks like a fun parade to watch.

At 4:26 AM CST, Blogger Tony Herrera said...


Thanks for the footage. Perhaps, It's just me but I don't get the whole flour, talc and foam spray thing. I wonder how these elements where first introduced in Ocozocoatla. I would suspect that the flour/talc came first and then the foam. I'm suprised it was just spray foam and not the Silly String type cans that have more of a projectile effect to them.

Thanks again,



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