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Dropped Frames

These won't be the point-the-camera-at-your-face-and-rant type of blogs. They will be short films that I've made or clips from longer ones, some experimental stuff and maybe even some converted super8 stuff if I can get it transfered (talk about archive, some of this stuff is 39 years old!).

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Headless Hoarseman

Click here to see the video

Well here's my first contribution to the Halloween Vlogfest 2005. I made this video years ago (October 31, 1993 to be exact!) and had forgotten about it until I had seen Roger's Adventures entry to the Vlogfest. I had to dig through all of my old back-ups to find this. I posted this on AOL (yeah, it was that long ago) and for all I know it's still on AOL somewhere. I don't even remember how I did this. I probably had to do each frame in Photoshop. Because of that and because I had a 28k dialup back then, it is very short. Enjoy.

I've converted this to mpeg4 and AAC audio so it will play on the video iPod.


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